Cat in the Night

Cat in the Night

“Deftly written by Madeleine Dunphy and charmingly illustrated by Joshua S. Brunet, “Cat in the Night” is an impressively entertaining story about a little girl who falls asleep just as her cat wakes up. Children ages 5 to 9 who have ever wondered what their cat does at night will experience the night-time world through the cat’s eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, and feet as he travels the neighborhood, meeting up with other denizens of the night. Thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ and wonderfully entertaining from first page to last, “Cat in the Night” is very highly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book ” —Midwest Book Reviews


Here is Antarctica

Here Is Antarctica book cover“A rhythmic, cumulative text and detailed acrylic paintings emphasizing the pinks, blues and grays of the icy sea and sky introduce the relationships among animals in the Antarctic ecosystem. [T]he familiar, House-that-Jack-Built pattern will appeal to young listeners, and the repetition is a boon for early readers. Teachers will welcome this appealing introduction….”—Kirkus Reviews
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Here is the African Savanna

Here Is the African Savanna “(T)his simple cumulative story both shows and tells the interaction of plants and animals on the east African savanna. . . . Children will enjoy the active verbs and the handsome pictures of the astonishing wildlife.” —Booklist


Here is the Arctic Winter

Here Is the Arctic Winter book cover“This unusual cumulative book begins with a stark, black-edged painting of the vast, moonlit, arctic landscape . . . inside are even more breathtaking scenes populated with dazzling animals . . . this luminous and reverent work is a welcome addition to the growing ranks of environmental books.” —Publishers Weekly

Here is the Coral Reef

Here Is the Coral Reef book cover “Set beneath the coral sea of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this forceful cumulative rhyming tale introduces some of the striking residents of the coral reef ecosystem. . . . The artist varies perspectives, giving viewers the impression that they are not only underwater at level with the reef’s inhabitants, but sometimes at tooth level.”  —Kirkus Reviews

Here is the Southwestern Desert

Here Is the Southwestern Desert book cover“Dunphy’s cumulative poem explores the interrelationships between the living and nonliving elements of the Sonoran Desert. . . .  Coe’s luminous artwork includes both panoramic backgrounds and vibrant action close-ups that will appeal to young and old alike.” —Booklist


Here is the Tropical Rain Forest

Here Is the Tropical Rainforest book cover “This cumulative tale starts in the rain forest, adds creatures great and small, and ends with the rain that fills the rivers. Rothman’s lovely illustrations, done in the lush greens of the wet tropics, accompany the sing-song verses. . . . As a picture book, this title serves to illustrate some of the rain forest’s creatures and to acquaint children with this important part of the world. . . .” —School Library Journal

Here is the Wetland

Here Is the Wetland book cover“An excellent addition to books on the environment . . . paints a picture of this ecological community. McLoughlin’s attractive, full-paged, colorful paintings capture wetland life.” —School Library Journal

The Peregrines Journey: A Story of Migration

The Peregrine’s Journey: A Story of Migration book cover“This well-illustrated, well-written book provides a wealth of information about peregrine falcons, bird migration, and predator-prey relationships. It would be an excellent addition to a school library or to a child’s personal library.”
—Editor’s Choice, Science Books & Films

At Home with the Gopher Tortoise

for“Educational without being didactic, this picture book is an engaging introduction to the concept of a keystone species—an animal on which many other species depend. Rothman’s eye-catching, full-bleed acrylic paintings depict a wide variety of creatures utilizing the gopher tortoise’s burrow. Almost every spread features a beautifully illustrated example of yet another animal, bird, or insect—from skunks to owls to scorpions—that relies on the gopher tortoise’s burrow for shelter, nesting, and protection from predators. Dunphy’s clear text adds additional interesting details (“The loose soil created by the tortoise’s digging is perfect for growing plants”). With a map showing the tortoise’s range of habitat in the southeastern United States and an end relating that the animal is a threatened species, this attractive book effectively demonstrates the interdependent nature of the animal world.” —Booklist Reviews
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