Personal Notes

bullfrogThe arctic hare lives in Here Is the Arctic Winter.
A note from Madeleine: “I wrote Here Is the Arctic Winter because I was inspired by the strength of the animals that remain in the Arctic during its long, dark, and cold winters.“
lizardThe collared lizard lives in Here Is the Southwestern Desert.
A note from Madeleine: “To research Here Is the Southwestern Desert I got in my car and drove from San Francisco, California to Tucson, Arizona. I was inspired to write this book by the great diversity of life I found in the Sonoran Desert.”
bullfrogThe harpy eagle lives in Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest.
A note from Madeleine: “To research Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest I camped out in the Amazon rain forest. Each night the frogs were so loud it was like trying to sleep with a rock band playing next door. When I was dirty, I would wait for a thunderstorm and then wash my hair using the sky as my showerhead.”
personal notes on the animals
bullfrogThe macaroni penguin lives in Here Is Antarctica.
A note from Madeleine: “I did not go to Antarctica to research Here Is Antarctica because I get very seasick and the seas are notoriously rough there. Instead I did my research through books, the internet and by talking with experts. Part of my motivation around writing this book was that I wanted to help people understand the seriousness of global warming.”
bullfrogThe hawksbill turtle lives in Here Is the Coral Reef.
A note from Madeleine: “Here Is the Coral Reef is based on a swim I took one morning in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I met up with a sea turtle and followed her all morning. It felt like she was my tour guide. Everything I saw that morning (except for one – the manta ray) is included in this book.”