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Madeleine Dunphy will guide your classes through some of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems, from the tropical rain forest to the arctic tundra. Her interactive presentations challenge, inform, and entertain. Best of all, they involve students in the web of life.

Madeleine’s books have won awards from the National Science Teachers Association, Children’s Book Council, and the International Reading Association, among others. She is a curriculum designer with a Masters Degree in Education who has taught at the California Academy of Sciences, Lawrence Hall of Science and dozens of elementary schools. To research her books, Madeleine traveled as far as the Amazon rain forest, African savanna and Great Barrier Reef.



For students pre-K through 5th grade
45 minutes long
For individual classes or school assemblies
$250 – $350

Students participate in the "web of life" activity

Sample Presentation:
Here is the Tropical Rain Forest

Slide Show: Students imagine they are walking in a tropical rain forest seeing animals such as the harpy eagle, three-toed sloth, woolly monkey and jaguar.

Web of Life: Students play a game that teaches them about the ecological relationships between plants, animals and environments. The “web of life” becomes something that can be seen and felt.

Question & Answer: Students ask Madeleine questions about her travels, habits of rain forest animals, writing children’s books, and other topics.

Presentations Currently Available

The Turtle Dove’s Journey: A Story of Migration 
Cat in the Night 
Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest
Here Is the Coral Reef
Here Is the African Savanna
At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species

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Coral Reef Web of Life Activity
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Here Is the Coral Reef

Antarctica Web of Life Activity
A lesson plan designed to accompany
Here Is Antarctica

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